Knowledge Base

  1. Getting Started 

    1. Resources for Getting Started with Your Subscription
    2. How to Create a Class
    3. How to Sign Up (Create a New Teacher Account)
    4. Customize Your Settings
    5. Using Lesson Presentations
  2. Orders 

    1. How To Order
    2. What to Buy for Students
    3. TCI Sole Source Letter
    4. W-9 Form
    5. Tax Exempt Status
  3. Subscription Features 

    1. Assessments: Adding Questions From Multiple Lessons
    2. Assessments: Creating Printable Assessments
    3. Assessment Sharing: Individual Questions
    4. Assessment Sharing: Complete Assessments
    5. Correlations: To State and Common Core Standards
  4. Technology Support 

    1. System Requirements
    2. Google Chromebook
    3. iPad Blocking TCI Content
    4. Interactive Whiteboards (SMART boards, etc.)
    5. Troubleshooting My Presentation
  5. Account Management 

    1. I Can't Sign In
    2. Creating My TCI Account
    3. I Forgot My Password
    4. When Does My Subscription Expire?
    5. Sharing Subscriptions
  6. Student Management 

    1. Set Up My Class
    2. Assign Work to Students
    3. View Student Grades
    4. How to Batch Import Students (Teacher)
    5. Re-taking and Resetting Reading Challenges
  7. Students and Parents 

    1. What's Included in the Student Subscription?
    2. Buying a Student Subscription
    3. Signing in to your Student Subscription for the First Time
    4. Resetting a Student Password
    5. Accessibility Offerings
  8. All articles 

    1. I Can't Sign In
    2. Individual Components and Replacement Parts
    3. When Will I Receive My Order?
    4. How To Order
    5. Digital Teacher Resources (DTR's) Are No Longer Supported

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